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Sash windows are traditional English windows, the main feature of which is a sash moving up and down. Two of the most important strengths of this system are the additional space around the window and a unique ventilation system. Thanks to the fact that a sash window cannot be opened toward the inside, you have a lot of options in arranging the space around the window. The ventilation system works superbly when the top and bottom sash are tilted. In such a situation, the warm air leaves the room through the upper gap, and cool air enters the room through the lower one.


Casement windows are traditional English windows also popular in the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries. Their distinct structure makes these windows more durable, more airtight and safer. An additional great advantage of this system is a sash that opens to the outside, rather than to the inside, like in most European countries. As a result, we get more space in the room and the interior arrangement potential is changed. We can organise the windowsill and the internal space around these windows in any manner.

Casement windows are also well-known for the best level of airtightness, which has been confirmed by many tests.